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"Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows..."

James 1:27a

A ministry to women who have lost their spouse and need practical help navigating daily living 


In Time of Needs

How can we help?

Our purpose is to serve women who have lost their spouse.  Our focus and ministry is to provide guidance through the maze of life’s complications and responsibilities, while helping take care of the basic maintenance issues that women might need during this time. 

flowers for widows
Fixing Appliances

If you need help with:


From changing your AC filters to figuring out why your car is making that noise, we can help with basic fix-it, around the  house needs


We can help navigate understanding difficult documents, selling houses or businesses, or referring you to trusted businesses when you need to hire someone else


Aren't sure if that car is a good deal? Need to know when a good time to sell might be? Or maybe you just need some quick budget help. We are here to help you make wise financial decisions, so you don't get taken advantage of


While we do not offer grief counseling, we can promise to pray with you as we do our best to help you find the resources you need

Partner with us

Whether you are a church that wants to partner, an individual who has a desire to volunteer your time, or a business owner that wants to donate services, please feel free to reach out to Tony Overman at 210.317.1998

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