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Who We Are


God has orchestrated and brought together this vision and ministry for helping women who have lost their spouses through death and find themselves in unchartered territory. As married couples we usually take on roles, however in the loss of a spouse, their role is now vacant and the challenges and responsibilities that once were taken care by your spouse are now left on your shoulders. We have a desire to honor the Lord Jesus Christ though the scriptural calling to help widows. We want to take care of widows who are now faced with the responsibilities that two people used to share. Each person who joins us on this mission has been prayed into their position. Each person is a volunteer and commits to this ministry strictly out of obedience and having a servant’s heart.

A note from the founder

My name is Tony Overman and I've been married to my wife Dawn for 43 years. We have three grown children and 8 grandchildren. I have been an entrepreneur most of my life and have founded many nonprofits, ministries and companies. God put a desire on my heart to help widows who find themselves lost and unsure in certain practical areas of life.  After much research and conversations with widowed women, we found the number one reason for not reaching out for help is because of being unsure of who to call and feeling uncomfortable in asking.  We want to take that hurdle out of the way.  This network with ITON will make your decision much easier and less stressful.   Our desire is to network with churches so that they now have a direct working relationship with ITON.   You simply send in your request and we take it from there.  This website and ministry has been prayed over by many.  God has made it clear that the need is there and there are many people desiring to help widows and singles.  It has been a great joy to see this simple vision come to fruition and prayerfully solve a problem that doesn't have to exist.  May God be glorified in all that we do, and may you as a single woman feel comforted in knowing many people love you and desire to be there for you.  HIS Servant, Tony.

-Tony Overman



Property Manager

My husband, Anthony, was the breadwinner and took care of car and house repairs. When he passed away, as one can imagine, I was very overwhelmed with everything now on my plate. But God-- in His beautiful provision-- used In Time of Needs Ministry in ways I will never be able to thank Him and them enough for.

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