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Steps After Loss

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

In Time of Needs knows that nothing prepares us for the shock, pain, and bewilderment of losing a spouse. Whether you are a surviving wife or a surviving husband, bereavement tosses you headfirst into a world where everything familiar seems absent. You feel alone, vulnerable, and unable to think about anything other than your grief. God is with you.  Lean on the Lord Jesus Christ.  Allow His comfort to lay upon the heart. 


It is often said that the longest journey begins with a single step. This proverb is nowhere more applicable than in the long journey you must take after the death of your spouse. The good news is that there is hope and new direction at the end of the journey. No matter how dark things seem in the immediate aftermath of bereavement, light can still be found by taking one step at a time.  

We created a checklist is to provide you with a guide to those first steps on the road to this new phase of your life.  Nothing will remove the pain you’re experiencing.  The realities of life continue on even through the darkness of your sorrow.  Hopefully, this list will pave a pathway. 

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