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If you are a church, ministry or individual who would like to volunteer your time or services, please contact us below. Our desire is to help and engage churches in and around the community who desire to be available for the needs of widows.

Helpful Resource Links

Sometimes you just need to know you're on the right track! Here is a list of a few businesses we trust, referrals for maintenance issues when you need a little help and quick link videos when you want to learn to do it yourself!

Please note: ITON can not be held liable for any work performed by any individual or company. This is strictly a list of options for you to contact.

JMZ Electric 

Macias Montejano 210-204-7998

Ken Howard 210-508-8108

Nick Thomas 361-333-6444



Jeremy Dunn 210-831-4077

Myers Plumbing 210-648-3198


Air Today

Matt 210-449-9127

Glass, Windows and Doors


Daniel 210-643-3548

Pool Maintenence

America Pool Service 210-870-8483

Frontline for Maintenance 830-358-7065


Upholstery Repairs


Roger 210-248-4285

Computer/ IT


Ben Hunter 210-896-2204

How To: Check Tire Pressure and Inflate Tires

How To: Check Tire Pressure and Inflate Tires

Auto Talk 101: How to Check Tire Pressure and Inflate Tires - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Filling tire pressure is a pretty simple process. The first thing you have to determine is what is proper inflation for your tire. There are two numbers and most people do not realize this. There is what we call operating pressure and there is what we call maximum pressure. What it says on the side of the tire is maximum pressure. This one says maximum inflation 44 PSI. What that means is that is the maximum amount of air you can put in that tire without jeopardizing the structural integrity of the tire. That is not where you should inflate your tire. You should inflate your tire to operating pressure which is determined by the car manufacturer. So I looked on the tire sticker which is on the door. It is also in your owners manual and the operating pressure on this car is 30 pounds, even though the maximum inflation for this tire is 44 pounds. A lot of people make this mistake and over inflate. We are going to set this one at 30 pounds. You take your little cap off, and if your cap is ever missing you can buy a 4 pack of these at any auto parts store for just a couple of dollars and it is well worth replacing them. And then again a tire gauge, fairly simple, you can buy a tire gauge for a couple of dollars at most any department store or auto parts store and then you can check your tires yourself. And you just push that on there and you will see the little gauge runs out and this one is at about 31 pounds. So, we want 30, 31 is fine, it is okay to be a pound or two on either side of the actual inflation that you want. And that is it. If it is okay, you put your cap back on and you go to the next tire. If it is a little low, you can use the air hose at the local gas station or, you know, wherever you are going to go and you just put a little air in there if it is low. If it is over-full, which this one now is, there is a little knob on the back and you can just push down on the center of there and let a little bit out, and now we are right back at 30 pounds where we want to be.
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