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types of questions we can help you answer



How do I change my AC filters and how often?

My toilet is clogged, do I need to call a plumber?

How do I turn off my main water line?

My faucet is dripping and won't stop, what do I do?

How do I fix an uneven door?

A tree limb fell on my roof.

I have light bulbs too high for me to change.

Referrals for things like-

car repairs

foundation issues



electrical work

tree trimming

General business advice when you need to-

sell your house or car,

 read through  business paperwork,

understand benefits and insurance



Help you set up a new budget

Get advice on selling

Guide you through paying bills

Get you to good legal advice

Help get your spouse's business affairs in order

Get general financial advice, wisdom and counsel

While we do not offer grief counseling, we can-

Pray with you

Help you connect with a local church

Connect you to other widows and groups for support and counseling

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